Monday, August 01, 2005

4 corners ABCTV TODAY "Let the country people learn to survive the real world? "

The problem with the "eat you alive" worldview of the majority of myopic bookeepers is that we are not dealing HERE in the bush with recyclable steel, concrete and plastic .People working with the earth and applying the precautionary principle are being screwed by those who think collapse and high risk is a good feature of all industry. We desperately need a primary industry policy group that knows the difference betwen eco reality and eco garbage. One that doesn't feed off the "brilliance" of asset stripping and simple and even cancerous sales growth . .
Some of the world's most sustainable grain growing areas are in marginal country . True they have to be managed better ( and are - a great positive in the program) but using the ancient old seabed of the Murray Darling for a few more thousand years is not going to ruin it - it makes a lot of sense for much of it to stay as a foodbowl . Precision is the decision not recidivism.


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