Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The worlds greatest opportunity for peace goes AWL

This post is going to be incomplete for now
It celebrates mine and others effective work in catchment management , Where we improved the water quality and land use by working closely on sites capabilities and land managers relation .
The reason this post is so important and ambitious  is because this skill  has been lost to managemnet class cultures over the last twenty years and won't come back easily

Some of our staff have worked in Afghanistan and while catchment planning can work if its not allowed to bombes will flow justa soils will continue to eroide and water quality stays than same as its done since biblical times

the point is the salinity and siltation in the middle east  need not be the ongoing eroding capital loss of there and the Sudan and so on -- CM like it  has been here n

 here s one catchment where the water quality has been maintained and improved in the twenty years i worked it ----- slowly but STP=LTG

Monday, January 23, 2012

The Good intentions create little but fiddle

Its been over 6 years since the last post here ( plenty elsewhere) What's changed in government's approach in that time ? (to environment) - nothing but more  fiddling and twiddeling ( at the behest of Green Labor)

  1. More mere description
  2. More PC research but no conclusions and nothing to upset the trip to the cul de sac
  3. Longer lists of things to worry about  but no real understanding of biodiversity and how to encourage it.
  4. More excuses 
  5. More fearmongering 
  6. More preventable disasters
  7. More Emperors with no clothes  Julia must really notice the breeze 
  8. Bigger excuses and bigger bureaus to manage and provide forms to fill out to prevent those disasters
  9. An opposition aware of some of the bleedin,  but with no idea of how to do surgery on the bleeding economy in THIS regard . Making money is easy . Making the family work is another matter.
  10. No idea what planning WITH the environment really means or staff who are trained and on the job to do it

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Why environmental planning is in such a mess

This house will never be finished because it was stopped midstream; It's on a landslide . The Bracks government no longer stop such disasters , they wait for them to happen. Or they tell us they could happen Click here for Victoria . Click Thredbo for Australia . (The above update on 26th July)
How long before the biggest landslide risk area in Australia has a disaster? - no big ones that we could have stopped so far. Its all very well talking about potential problems (website), but Vic Government (as from 2006) no longer do anything effective to prevent them.

You heard it first on blogger.

The above does not relate directly to sites mentioned below .
Another story on a landslide site from last year.
Corangamite Shire
Came across someone trying to build a house on a landslide yesterday . The site was levelled, sighting pegs were in and PVC drainage pipes up. Reinforcing was stacked up on its side and the concrete was ready to pour. I though of another site we should have stopped the pour on last year . Would we do it this time ?
My young work experience assistant took some photos of the drain behind the house and closeups of the soil, but was typically not engaged too much about the dangers( or how to minimize them on site).
The risk of slope failure was so high that even major new site drainage works would be unlikely to make it safe for the lifetime of the building .

"Are you sure its dangerous?" was a question I sort of hoped for " What makes you think it will move ? Any question would have been a welcome change from the grunts and groans of sophisticated silence or soppy sentimental unsubstance that greets us a response from most of those who are now in charge of "the env agenda" "
The young Yr 10 student was, through no fault of her own, being brought up in a society which doesn't prepare them for dangers - at least the really serious scientifically and practically dangerous things like houses falling off hills( and permanently polluting waterways - both things we were also documenting that day )

Clearly, as the house project had got this far, noone had seen the danger coming. To give you an idea why , the slope on which this house was being built was none too steep.(18%) We grow up with preconcieved ideas of what makes something dangerous. Steepness is one of those things. Yet the risk is there to be seen --all around the owner - if only he would just look and or ask someone who knows .Then he would have known . the Shire would known ; The builder would have known .18 people wouldn’t have died at the hand of man at Thedbo .

When the children are in charge, its much harder to raise the idea of a new danger --the leaders think they know .Experience is the best teacher, but they not only not listening to them ; they are sacking them . Leaders think they now what real threats the country is facing but clearly they watch too much TV, drink too much coffee and don't get out enough amongst the rough and tuf .Dangers from rising sea levels , Shortages of water and coming shortages of hardwood pulp .The world is heating up – “its obvious isn't it” they say . Not to a scientist it isn't/ specially on a geological scale You name it they told you about it first . The children, in charge, that is

Save every drop. The Premier has put his name on the idea . Doesn't sound like he knows much . Save us from the dropkicks more like it .Don't they know water goes round in cycles like almost everything else. Sure our city cousins could be saving a lot more drops, but we don't all need to save every drop. By setting some unreal fence on some flat terrain where the living should be easy ( provided you don’t drive too fast ,keep your eyes open and use some common sense ; where is that these days? ) our leaders are have us all building fences and putting up signs where no fences or signs are required. Maybe the save your droppings campaigns overall effect will be more conservation - a good thing-- but look at the down side of making conservation simple - you risk credibility and careers. Such simpleton driven stupidity creates indifference amongst the young and cynicism amongst those trained to


Monday, August 01, 2005

4 corners ABCTV TODAY "Let the country people learn to survive the real world? "

The problem with the "eat you alive" worldview of the majority of myopic bookeepers is that we are not dealing HERE in the bush with recyclable steel, concrete and plastic .People working with the earth and applying the precautionary principle are being screwed by those who think collapse and high risk is a good feature of all industry. We desperately need a primary industry policy group that knows the difference betwen eco reality and eco garbage. One that doesn't feed off the "brilliance" of asset stripping and simple and even cancerous sales growth . .
Some of the world's most sustainable grain growing areas are in marginal country . True they have to be managed better ( and are - a great positive in the program) but using the ancient old seabed of the Murray Darling for a few more thousand years is not going to ruin it - it makes a lot of sense for much of it to stay as a foodbowl . Precision is the decision not recidivism.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Australians leading or following on conservation issues ?
Grist magazine (USA) is calling for a body similiar to ours to be set up .

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Does Hon Ian Campbell know what he is doing with our money ? He doesn't want to support communities or professionals. Who is he supporting? more on cuttingedgeconservation.blogspot.com

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The owner of this land on the SurfCoast in Victoria built this marina recently and noone in the planning system was consulted . How many more things go" under the radar" on our coasts? Is there anybody home at the radar screen? He will probably get a fine and keep going.  Posted by Hello