Monday, January 23, 2012

The Good intentions create little but fiddle

Its been over 6 years since the last post here ( plenty elsewhere) What's changed in government's approach in that time ? (to environment) - nothing but more  fiddling and twiddeling ( at the behest of Green Labor)

  1. More mere description
  2. More PC research but no conclusions and nothing to upset the trip to the cul de sac
  3. Longer lists of things to worry about  but no real understanding of biodiversity and how to encourage it.
  4. More excuses 
  5. More fearmongering 
  6. More preventable disasters
  7. More Emperors with no clothes  Julia must really notice the breeze 
  8. Bigger excuses and bigger bureaus to manage and provide forms to fill out to prevent those disasters
  9. An opposition aware of some of the bleedin,  but with no idea of how to do surgery on the bleeding economy in THIS regard . Making money is easy . Making the family work is another matter.
  10. No idea what planning WITH the environment really means or staff who are trained and on the job to do it