Tuesday, April 27, 2004

The Victorian Government recently conducted a world wide literature search in order to try and discover the most efficient ways to change land use . In doing so they ignored Victorias historic leading edge approach to PE.
NOW, Inside and outside the parliament individuals are still convinced in some sort of sixties timewarp that its one old group or the other that should win . Will it be production scientists or conservationists . Maybe its neither !
Labor even wasted a huge amount to split a department which prevoiusly attempted to include all the above and more . Now the old groups are divorced.
It will be one of the new millenuems greatest opportunities lost if the old paradigms and paranoia about preserving them and their more simple agendas, prevent the greatest challenge - integrating modern science professions --and from getting beyond mere words and biccy bins .
The testimony is now out there in Victoria -PE's are no longer trying to work together How long will the divorce last and most importantly - what process could bring together what decades of trying has now forced apart?

Maybe some other State, other than Victoria, will learn the lesson and lead off first ?