Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The worlds greatest opportunity for peace goes AWL

This post is going to be incomplete for now
It celebrates mine and others effective work in catchment management , Where we improved the water quality and land use by working closely on sites capabilities and land managers relation .
The reason this post is so important and ambitious  is because this skill  has been lost to managemnet class cultures over the last twenty years and won't come back easily

Some of our staff have worked in Afghanistan and while catchment planning can work if its not allowed to bombes will flow justa soils will continue to eroide and water quality stays than same as its done since biblical times

the point is the salinity and siltation in the middle east  need not be the ongoing eroding capital loss of there and the Sudan and so on -- CM like it  has been here n

 here s one catchment where the water quality has been maintained and improved in the twenty years i worked it ----- slowly but STP=LTG